Trent is a saxophonist and graduate of the University of Toronto’s Jazz Performance program, one of the most prestigious in Canada.  While there he played lead tenor in the top big band, won five scholarships, and graduated with Honours.  Trent has performed across Canada with artists including Jully Black, at the Junos, in twenty seven theatre productions, five cruise ships, two seasons with the circus, and hundreds of weddings and events.  In addition to Jully’s band he has also played and recorded with popular Canadian artists Matt Dusk, Kardinal Offishal, ShadLuke McMaster, Theo Tams, Valery Gore, and with visiting American artists Don Rickles, Joe Piscopo, Victoria Jackson, Tom Wopat & John Schneider (Dukes of Hazzard), Bob Newhart and more.

Alicia Reschny

Alicia is a flutist and graduate of the Glenn Gould Professional School at Toronto’s Royal Conservatory of Music, the best training program for orchestral musicians in the country.  She has played in the National Academy Orchestra, freelanced with GTA orchestras, played in theatre productions, and at many weddings and events.  Alicia and Trent are focusing on staying closer to home since becoming parents to their two lovely children.


The other musicians we hire are the best of Toronto’s young classical and jazz musicians.  They are individually selected for musical skill and taste as well as punctuality and reliability.  Please read our Testimonials!