– v2.0


by Trent Reschny

There are many improvements in our new site, all of which are designed to provide the best experience for people who are planning to incorporate live music at their Toronto-area events.  Here are the top 5:

1) HTML 5 replaces Flash: it’s now viewable from any device (iPhones, iPads, Android phones and tablets, etc.)

2) “Click-to-Agree” contracts (which follow EFF best practices) have replaced paper contracts (still available by request)

3) Electronic payments (e-transfer, credit card) are now available (though cheque and cash are still totally fine!).  Balance payments can be automatically scheduled.

4) New ensemble pages with a variety of ways to view/listen to our repertoire such as: suggested wedding playlists, A-Z by title and composer, a site-wide search box, and a built in form on the page that helps you plan / request music for wedding ceremonies!

5) Blog: I have a really thick file of photos and thank-you’s from our many wonderful clients that I enjoy looking at.  Unfortunately no one outside our home has ever seen them.  And sometimes I record parts of our performances, but no one else hears them.  So this blog is a place where I will share news, upcoming events, stories, thank you’s and testimonials from clients, and some audio/video from performances (where permission is given).  It’s a place to celebrate our collaborations, the musical moments that made your event magical, and the relationships we build!

I hope these improvements make planning live music at your event almost as joyful as it is to listen to!  Looking forward to your feedback,

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