Tom & Sydney


Tom is a romantic at heart who cared very deeply about his bride, the guests, the food they would be served, the setting, and the music they’d hear on their wedding night. In the lead up to their wedding he told me about their star chef, Brad Long, Evergreen Brickworks, and the guest speaker he had planned, Olivia Chow. I knew ahead of time that his and Sydney’s wedding celebration would be a very memorable evening for our jazz quartet to be a part of. Turns out the music was memorable for Tom, too:

Dear Trent
Sydney and I chose Belong Cafe @ the Evergreen Brick Works to be our wedding reception venue – a good decision. Hiring your Jazz Quartet to entertain my guests – a sound decision. My guests were thoroughly enchanted by your performance and commented that I had “really good taste” in music. Well, I took the credit – Alicia and Trent had backed it up! The melody of the song ‘It Had To Be You’, played out in saxophone, Bass, Percussion and Keyboard, still resonates in my head. I know I insisted for an encore, and you did. Unforgettable!

Tom and Sydney
August 2014

Congratulations again Tom and Sydney and many happy years ahead to you both!

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