We Play for Discerning Clients!


A couple of recent weddings we’ve played music at were for clients who are musicians themselves.  Getting hired as a musician by another musician is a real pat on the back for us because they are often the most discerning clients.  It’s like being hired by Mike Holmes to renovate his home.  A musician is able to see and hear a high level of detail in other musicians, so they are naturally a little pickier with who they hire.

In June, we played a wedding for a groom named Matthew who composed the processional for his bride to walk down the aisle to.  This has happened only twice in the approx 700 weddings we have played music at in and around Toronto.  Matthew’s piece came in a very professional looking score made with a piece of software called Musescore, an open source music notation program for PC, Mac, and Linux.  Having spent hundreds of dollars on these program in the past, I was surprised I wasn’t aware of this program yet.  So it looked good, but how did things turn out?  I’ve copied the review that Matthew left on our Google + page:

* * * * * (5 stars)

 They (classical trio) played flawlessly and I had only a positive experience – good communication, easy payment, everyone showed well in advance and did everything asked. They actually played a processional that I composed; it was great to hear it with real musicians and really added to the experience. As a big kudos to the musicians, the wedding party was moving down the aisle more quickly than expected, so they adjusted on the fly and wrapped up the piece at the appropriate spot. Very well done.

Kudos to you Matthew for personalizing your wedding in such a unique and special way by sharing your musical talents!  It was a real honour and pleasure working with you on this special performance.

Last weekend Alicia played at a wedding where the mother of the bride was a clarinetist who graduated from U of Toronto’s music program (like me!).  Tricia works in the staff for Taffelmusik, which is Canada’s (and one of the world’s) premier baroque orchestras.  With this kind of musical pedigree, her daughter Sarah, naturally let her mom guide the way in picking music for her wedding ceremony.  It was a pleasure speaking with Tricia on the phone, and having her select music we also loved to play made it fun for Alicia and the classical trio.

We are honoured to play for musically discerning clients like Matthew and Tricia.  We are also very happy to share our music and experience with people who love and appreciate music but are less hands on.  It is always a real blessing to share what we love  with people like you!

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