Wedding Music FAQ

Q: When is there typically music during a wedding ceremony?

A: during the Prelude (the 15-30 minutes before a wedding starts), the Processional (walking up the aisle), the Signing of the Register (where you sign the necessary legal documents), and the Recessional (the walk back).

Q: What about Catholic ceremonies?

A: Catholic ceremonies have music in the typical places, and also during the offertory and communion.

Q: What about Jewish ceremonies?

A: Jewish ceremonies don’t usually include the Signing (this happens outside of the ceremony).

Q: One or two processionals?

A: It’s up to you.  If you have a short walk and a small bridal party, one is good.  Catholic ceremonies often have one.  If you have two, the first is usually for the bridal party (ie. bridesmaids, ring bearer, flower girl) and the second is for the bride (often with father).

Q: Will you come to our rehearsal?

A: The rehearsal is really for you – we play weddings most every weekend.  Instead of coming to your rehearsal, we will chat with your officiant (pastor, priest, rabbi, justice of the peace) on the day to get our cues.  Please fill in the music planning form (click the tab on the right hand side of your ensemble’s page) to let us know the music selection and the order of the processional.  With this info, we are good to go.