World Vision Partnership

World Vision is an amazing charity which Alicia and I hold near and dear to our hearts.  They do incredible work in areas of the world that need it most.  On April 2nd, 2011 we held a benefit concert for them and it was a great success.  $1400 was raised and 4 children were sponsored.  Our thanks go to everyone who attended, the generosity of the musicians who donated their time, the World Vision volunteers including Mike Bowman, artist agent for WV, Teriano, a former sponsor child from Kenya, Starbucks at Kennedy Commons for donating coffee, Mark for working sound, Krista, Stephen and Julia for taking care of the little ones, and Dorset Park Church for letting us use their space.

Here’s a few samples recorded live from the concert:

      Classical Duo and Trio
      Classical Quartet featuring Miriam Khalil

We’ve had so many positive comments from people about how much they enjoyed the evening, we will surely be doing this again.  Stay tuned to find out the date of our next benefit concert!